NUNA Leadership

President:  Hui Hwa Nam

Hui Hwa has lived in the same house in Uptown for eleven years, and hopes to stay there for the rest of her life. She thinks there are too many great things about Uptown to list, but what really stands out is how the residents sincerely care about their neighbors and neighborhood. She says, “I am quite amazed with everyone’s friendliness, how they watch out for each other, and take ownership of the neighborhood.”

Hui Hwa is glad to be stepping into her role in an organization that runs well, thanks to past leadership and other NUNA residents. Her hope is to get more neighbors involved and to increase attendance at meetings.

Vice President:  Jackie Denofrio

Jackie Denofrio has lived in the neighborhood for 50+ years.  She attended Stewart and Stockton elementary schools, and Senn high school.  Jackie appreciates the diversity of our neighborhood, the transportation options, the proximity to Lake Michigan and the park district.

Jackie’s ideas for our neighborhood:

I believe it is important to ensure our community keeps moving forward to improve the neighborhood for our “collective” children.  A “safe area” will continue to be vulnerable if other areas surrounding are “unsafe”. Although it was not considered the best of places to raise children, I grew up in this neighborhood.  The services provided to support families  included access to a decent school  which offered supervised activities after the school day.  The Park District, libraries, and religious facilities also offered educational and sports related activities.  This type of support is still relevant today.

I look forward to working with our NUNA group to make Bezazian Library the bright, inviting, and relevant place that we want it to be.  We have just scratched the surface when it comes to engaging community businesses and other block clubs in common initiatives such as this one.  I believe that our organization will achieve more success if we continue to develop and formalize our relationships with others to get the full benefits associated with community work.”

Treasurer:  Sarah Lu

Sarah has lived in the area for nine years, the last three in her current home. She appreciates the rich history of Uptown:  its heyday as an entertainment district in the early twentieth century, the Essanay film studio of the silent film era, and the work of visionaries like Jimmy Wong and Charlie Soo in making Argyle Street the asset to Asian-American communities that it has become. She loves catching a whiff of cha siu BBQ pork when out walking her dogs. She likes being close to Clark and Broadway, the red line, the lake, and Bezazian library. For Sarah, Uptown’s diversity is an asset.

In 2017, Sarah plans to organize NUNA pub nights as social events for neighbors. She would like to get more of the neighborhood to help with the gardening work in particular, which is how she first got involved with NUNA.

Secretary:  Anne Howard

Anne has lived in the neighborhood for five years, and nearby for ten years before that.  She appreciates the walkability of the area and particularly the many excellent restaurants close by.  She knows she was lucky to find a neighborhood with such community spirit in a city as large as Chicago.

Anne’s interests include supporting the library and schools, and forging connections between neighbors.


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