Comment on 1219 W. Gunnison rezoing by November 26

Summary of November 19 meeting on rezoning 1219 W. Gunnison.  Please read and submit any objections by noon on November 26.


From Lindsay Hugé:

Jay Michael from FLATS presented his proposal on a zoning change a development within NUNA boundaries on Wednesday evening, November 19, 6:30 p.m. at Alderman Cappleman’s 46th Ward office.

Present were Jay Michael, Tressa Feher–Alderman Cappleman’s Chief of Staff, myself, NUNA residents Albert Walavich and Ted Mortello and Martin Tangora of North Magnolia in Sheridan Park.
Mr. Tangora does not live in NUNA boundaries, but is a long-time Uptown resident, active in neighborhood issues and also an involved member of the preservationist community. His expertise and input were welcome at the meeting.
Al Walavich resides at 1221 Gunnison, which abuts the firehouse building which is the subject of the proposal, 1219 W. Gunnison, to the west. Mr. Walavich’s great uncle built the house he lives in in 1907, and he moved in in 1961.
Ted Mortello lives in the building across the alley from the firehouse, 1215 W. Gunnison. He is neighbors with and knows Elizabeth Lindau.
Tressa and Jay Michael indicated that the currently vacant building is seeking RM zoning (from current RS 3 to RM 4.5) because there will be no retail component, just residential.  The development plan of FLATS is to build four 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments within the existing structure. The will also add four parking spaces in the back of the building.  There is a furnace attachment at the back of the current building. Al Walavich asked about this. Jay Michael said it would be removed. A balcony attached to the rear, second floor apartment will be added to the back of the building.
FLATS will call the apartment building The FireHouse and intends to retain its character as an old firehouse, and keep some firehouse elements within each apartment, said Michael. The overhead door opening on the front of the building will be retained, and another like it added in the back.  He stated that FLATS is discerning about rental applicants and that there would be “no subsidies.”  He said he would let anyone look at their other renovated properties in Uptown. He stated that FLATS’ business plan is to buy and hold residential rental properties for revenue.
After Jay Michael left the room, we discussed our reception to his proposal. No specific vote was taken, but there was no specific opposition. Both Al Walavich and Ted Mortello were glad the the long-vacant building was getting renovated.
I told Tressa that I could not give approval or disapproval from NUNA membership to her office until I presented them with a record of the meeting–these notes.
Anyone please voice opposition or approval to FLATS’ plan by November 26, 12:00 p.m. by emailing  If I receive no specific or overwhelming disapproval, I will tell Tressa Feher that NUNA approves of the proposed zoning change and development.
Lindsay Hugé
NUNA Treasurer and Zoning and Development Rep.

4925 N. Magnolia

Gunnison Zoning Change: Meeting November 19

The FLATS company is proposing a zoning change to redevelop an existing structure within NUNA boundaries.
This is the red brick, two-story, currently vacant firehouse building at 1217-19 West Gunnison, on the west side of the alley. The current zoning designation is RS-3, or single unit. FLATS wants to change the zoning to RM 4.5 (multi-unit) and redevelop the property to a 4-residence structure.
A rendering of the proposed development is linked below.
Jay Michael from FLATS will be at Alderman Cappleman’s 46th ward office at 4544 North Broadway this Wednesday evening, November 19 at 6:30 pm to present his proposal and hear any questions or concerns from our neighborhood.
If you are curious or concerned about this proposed redevelopment, come to the meeting this Wednesday.

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3 Cheers to Nuna 2014 Gardeners

From the library to the post office to Argyle and Broadway to the coup de gras of the gardening grant on Clark Street, NUNA has been an active and vigorous force for neighborhood beautification this year.

Jackie, Elizabeth, and Joy get the big trophies for their contributions, but there have been many contributors, big and small, to these activities.

Why NUNA you ask? Just look around the ‘hood, NUNA has made a positive impact on every part of our neighborhood in 2014.

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Crime Alert

Will be updating this, but our little piece of paradise has seen some criminal incidents recently. We look for everybody to be vigilant as the evenings become longer. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you see anything, it’s the only way besides CAPS meetings police can know about issues in our neighborhoo.

NUNA Photo Quiz II

New pictures to challenge your memory!  All are within NUNA boundaries, as always.  Answers below.  Quiz #1 far below, if you missed it.

1.  Dragon


2. photo 2


3. photo 2


4. photo 3


5. photo 1



1.  Furama Restaurant

2.  Uptown Post Office

3.  St. Augustine College, south side of building

4.  Shake, Rattle and Read

5.  The Green Mill