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3 Cheers to Nuna 2014 Gardeners

From the library to the post office to Argyle and Broadway to the coup de gras of the gardening grant on Clark Street, NUNA has been an active and vigorous force for neighborhood beautification this year.

Jackie, Elizabeth, and Joy get the big trophies for their contributions, but there have been many contributors, big and small, to these activities.

Why NUNA you ask? Just look around the ‘hood, NUNA has made a positive impact on every part of our neighborhood in 2014.

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Crime Alert

Will be updating this, but our little piece of paradise has seen some criminal incidents recently. We look for everybody to be vigilant as the evenings become longer. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you see anything, it’s the only way besides CAPS meetings police can know about issues in our neighborhoo.