NUNA Block Club Meeting

June 7, 2017


Attendees: Lindsay Hugé, Joy Noven, Hui Hwa Nam, Mark Paye, Anne Howard, Cori Blum, Al Walavich, Sarah Lu, Jane Hereth


Block Party: The summer block party will be Saturday, August 5, 2:00 – 6:00 pm with set up at 12:00 pm. Lindsay will ask Jim Sakola to get the permit and bouncy house as he has in the past. Anne will ask Margot Gordon to reach out to her contacts at McCutcheon school to see about a school supply drive at the event. Joy motioned to allot $250 for party supplies and Hui Hwa seconded; motion passed. Joy to handle membership table at the party and recruit volunteers to sit there for a one-hour shift. Everyone who pays their annual NUNA dues receives a raffle ticket. Lindsay will ask Uptown Provisions to donate raffle prizes, Sarah will ask Kung Fu Tea, Mark will ask Ka’lish and Pokiology. Jackie could ask Furama to donate as well. Anne will post signs and print flyers, and will ask others for help posting as needed.


Pub Night: July 5, 8:00 pm at Sofo Tap.


Garden: Chicago Public Library has given no indication that their landscaping service will plant the flower boxes on the east side of Bezazian. Joy requested $200 to plant these boxes. Motioned passed.


New business: Garbage trucks are picking up trash in the alley behind Fat Cat at 5:00 am; they are loud and violating the noise ordinance. Flood Brothers, which picks up trash from Lao Sze Schaun, is the worst offender. Tenants in the old fire station building that borders that alley are also complaining. Hui Hwa will write a letter on NUNA letterhead to Flood Brothers. Residents can also call 911 when the trucks are too loud early in the morning.


Residents complained of potholes on neighborhood streets. The first action to take is to report these to 311, either by calling or by using the ChicagoWorks app.