NUNA Block Club Meeting



Attendees: Anne Howard, Sarah Lu, Jane Hereth, Hui Hwa Nam, Mark Paye, CR Green


Block Club party: This event on Sunday was well attended. We collected $85 in cash donations and two large bags of toiletries to Sarah’s Circle. Sarah’s Circle is having a winter fundraising walk on February 26, 1:00 – 3:00 pm. They are hoping to raise $50,000. NUNA members are encouraged to participate.


Bi-monthly socials: Sarah Lu will be arranging these for the first Wednesday of every other month. Sofo Tap will be the first location, on Wednesday, March 1, 8:00 pm. Other bar suggestions for future months include Caravan, Fat Cat, Crew, Farragut’s, Konak’s, and Simon’s. NUNA will use signs, website, Facebook page and listserv to advertise.


Gardening: Mark Kaplan had asked for suggestions on landscaping for the planters on the front of the library. Sarah spoke to Joy, who recommended woodchips because the space does not get good light or water.


Mark Paye suggested getting boulders from Al Walavich to put on the corners of the gardens, particularly the one at Ainslie and Magnolia, so people don’t drive over the plantings.


Spring Cleaning: The Spring Clean up is set for Saturday, April 22. We will set time and details at April meeting. Mark Paye suggested we coordinate the wood chip delivery for gardens the gardens so that we can spread the chips during the clean up. Hui Hwa to contact Joy to see how to get wood chip delivery arranged. Anne Howard will contact WFCW block club to see if they are also holding their Clean Up, Green Up event that day.


Argyle Corridor apartments: The dog run area at the side of this building is not kept clean and is an enticement for rats. This building also has a problem with overflowing dumpsters. Our first action should be to indicate that NUNA is concerned. Mark Paye to call the management office and get an address to write a letter from NUNA.


Sanctuary city: Discussion of which cities are declared sanctuary cities. Though this is outside of the scope of the block club, NUNA could support Refugee One, an Uptown organization, by putting together a welcoming kit. Perhaps will tie in with March social event.


Treasurer’s report: There is about $1000 in NUNA’s account. Still have to reimburse Jackie for winter social, which went somewhat over budget. Sarah will try to arrange to receive bank statements digitally so that we don’t pay $1 each month for paper statements.


Joy award: As discussed at the last meeting, NUNA wants to recognize Joy for her work, particularly with the gardens. Possibilities include a plaque, certificate, garden sculpture, and commissioning an artist to draw something. Please bring ideas and their costs to the April meeting.


Post office: Attendees discussed the Uptown post office and problems with its staff.