NUNA meeting



Attendees: Hui Hwa Nam, Anne Howard, Sarah Lu, Mark Paye, Joe Denofrio, Jackie Denofrio, Al Walavich, Jane Hereth, Charlie, Mark Kaplan



Winter party:

The NUNA winter party will be January 29, 2017. A $200 budget was approved.

Suggested restaurants: Hot G Dog, Furama, Fat Cat, Konak’s, Sun Wah, Caravan. Attendees voted to approach Furama first, then Caravan as a second choice. Jackie to call and arrange. Anne to publicize via email and signage.


Attendees chose Sarah’s Circle as the charity to support at the winter party. They accept donations of toiletries, CTA passes, and money. We may chose to suppot the local schools with a school supply drive at our summer block party. The Friends of the 46th Ward Schools have a grant that matches what they fundraise, but donations are due 12/31/16 so it won’t work for our winter party.

Pub Crawl:

Sarah to arrange these on alternate months when we don’t have NUNA meetings, starting in March. Further details to be discussed at the February meeting when we have a budget report. The hope is to get western residents of our area involved in NUNA. It would be good to support Sofo Tap.


46th ward zoning committee:

Maria Barnes, owner of Uptown Bikes, has agreed to represent NUNA at the 46th ward zoning committee meetings. Would like her to represent NUNA at 46th zoning committee. Jackie will contact Alderman Cappleman’s office to let them know she is our rep.


Red line updates:

There are TIF funds to modernize el stations in area; they will get elevators.


Snow shoveling:
Owners/renters must shovel snow from sidewalks or risk fines. We can remind Furama to shovel, particularly on the Argyle side of their business. Green Slate should be doing that. Green Slate run by Chamber; contact them with issues.



Al Walavich says his mail service is getting worse. He is getting mail for the wrong addresses, not getting mail two days a week. Our regular mail carrier is on injury leave. Our route is the longest walking route in the city. Last year NUNA wrote a letter to Jan Schakowsky; they want more letters from individuals. NUNA will arrange for another letter campaign after the holidays.


Area business update:

Uptown United holiday party is tonight, open to public. Had restaurant crawl on October 12, people were very friendly. Uptown Business Partners comes out of same office.


The proposed wine shop will not be going in to the old Shake, Rattle and Read space because owner didn’t feel comfortable in area.


2017 meeting schedule:

NUNA meetings will be the following dates in 2017:

February 1

April 5

June 7

August 2

October 4

December 6


Phone Tree:

Discussed setting up a phone tree. This would be a way to ask residents to make 311 calls when more calls leads to better results. For example, a car was blocking the entrance to the alley next to the Denofrio’s building in the summer. Garbage trucks couldn’t get down the alley and garbage began piling up. This happened again last week. Four calls made to 311; the car finally got towed. Potential solutions for this issue are requesting a no-parking sign from the alderman, as well as putting large boulders on either side of the alley entrance.


Service Award:

Joy Noven was nominated to receive recognition for all her work with the NUNA gardens. Award at block party in summer.


Bezazian Library updates:

Mark would like a recommendation from the community on what to plant in the low planter on the south side of the building, under the overhang. Suggestions include catmint, gravel, mulch, crushed blue stone, dry scaping, moss, cacti. Joy and the gardening committee to make recommendation; Mark will take that to 2FM.


The next library board meeting is at Harold Washington Library Center on December 20 at 9:00 am. People should attend representing NUNA and request lights and cameras outside the building.