October 5, 2016

6:00 pm

Bezazian Library


Attendees: Jackie Denofrio, Hui Hwa Nam, Al Walaovich, Emily Stewart, Mitch Iwao, Kathy Stack, Anne Howard, Joe Denofrio, Sarah Lu, Mark Paye, Dan Lira


Budget: No treasurer update. According to Jackie, we are in good shape financially. We have a separate budget for gardening.


Gardening: Joy Noven and team planted fall bulbs in USPS, Ainslie/Magnolia corner, Mr. Tu’s garden, Envision. Elizabeth Lindau got us a $1000 grant to install spigot at Envison.


Fall Clean Up/Halloween:

The fall clean up will be October 30, 9:00 am. Meet at 4927 N Magnolia for coffee and fall treats before fanning out in the neighborhood. We will focus on clearing the gutters so they are not blocked during storms. We will try to get stand-alone paper garbage bags for leaves, or call for a special trash pick up after.



The following people were nominated and elected as new officers:

President: Hui Hwa Nam

VP: Jackie Denofrio

Treasurer: Sarah Lu

Secretary: Anne Howard

We thank incoming and outgoing officers for their service.


Crime/Library WiFi:

Katilin from the 46th ward office met with CPD, CPL leadership about shutting off WiFi after hours. This was declared impossible. It is unclear whether it would be a logistical challenge requiring someone to physically turn it off every evening. It seems that open wifi is a CPL policy and they don’t want to make an exception for Bezazian. How can this be appealed? Margot will write to Andrea Telli, CPL Assistant Commissioner for Neighborhood Services, on NUNA’s behalf.


CPL is exploring having a social worker assigned to Bezazian and installing additional security cameras. One has been installed inside to record the front door already.


NUNA wants to continue to look for solutions. We want to know CPD’s plan for increased attention in the area. We want to ask CPL board for motion sensor lights in front and back, and outside cameras. Should have a NUNA member at CPL board meetings. Lindsay Huge went to the last board meeting and spoke as a neighbor, not as a NUNA representative.


Other solutions could include plants or structural changes to the building to discourage seating in front. If we have issues we should call 311.


Anecdotally, a lot of pizza delivery people are being robbed south of Lawrence.


We should explore setting up a NUNA phone tree to report crime.


Homeless encampments:

Emily shared her concern about the upcoming closing of a homeless shelter in Uptown. The City of Chicago legal department has issued an agreement not to remove the homeless encampments at the Lawrence viaduct under Lake Shore Drive. All agreed that this is a big issue to address and that there are organizations like One Northside working on affordable housing. Since neither the shelter nor the viaduct are within NUNA boundaries, NUNA will not take any stance on this issue at this time.