NUNA meeting

August 3, 2016

Bezazian Library


Attendees: Jackie Denofrio, 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman, Shelly Vanover, Joe Denofrio, Kathy Stack, Dan Lira, Joy Noven, Anne Howard, Margot Gordon, Al Walavich, Mark Paye, James from 47th Ward, Charlie Green, Mitch Iwao, LuAnn Toy.


Alderman Cappleman: There are multiple CAPS mtgs on the same night of the month as this one, so often I am in other neighborhoods and can’t be here as well.


  1. Block Party: We have cutlery, plates, napkins. Need cups. Have bouncy house. No Parking signs are up. Remind USPS employees not to park on Magnolia on Saturday. Bring out tables if you have them. We’re again collecting for toiletries for Sarah’s Circle. Jackie’s friend bringing produce from her farm to sell; proceeds to Sarah’s Circle.


Joy, Margot, Dan, Anne, others to rotate staffing of membership table during the party.


Reminder that dues are $10/person, $20/family.


Potential restaurant donations: Jackie to check with Furama, LuAnn to check with Caravan.


  1. Budget: $643 in account, garden project not included.


  1. Garden: Total raised from fundraising match challenge was $1120. After purchases for library corner and others, $637 remaining. Soaker hoses for the post office being set up. Joy recommends buying bulbs (crocuses and daffodils) for all three gardens out of remaining funds to plant in fall.


Library flower boxes cost $200. John Vanover waters each week.


Envision gardens: got another grant, thanks to Elizabeth Lindau. $1000 for water spigot. Pick up check next week. Put in vegetable plot based on suggestions from Envision. Also hoping to put fence up to keep people and dogs from walking on plants.


Sarah has been clearing garbage from Mr. Tu’s garden. Plenty of rain so watering not a problem.


Put perennials in at post office. Concern they will die without water access. Still no working outside spigot there.


Thanks to all gardeners for hard work. Kudos to Elizabeth for raising money.


Pavers in front of Magnolia/Lawrence—need update from 47th ward.


  1. USPS—Letter to Representative Schakowsky. Letter requests our mail route be shortened so that it is a less arduous assignment, causing more carriers to want to bid on the route. This will hopefully lead to a regular carrier for our route, who will get to know the homes and will be able to complete the route earlier in the day. Need people to sign copies of these letters, which we will forward to representative Schakowsky. We will have them at block party to sign.


  1. Rats – working with 46th Ward. Neighbors have seen and caught many rats with traps. NUNA has called it in to 311 for rat baiting several times. Treehouse Cat Shelter has a feral cat program; we will investigate. Must provide shelter and water for the cats. Cappleman’s block does this. Concern about putting out poison because of dogs and children.


  1. Flooding on Argyle. The new catch basins are smaller so people can’t put things down them, which clogs them. However, now leaves can cover them and clog it at the grate. It would be helpful if residents sweep away the leaves when they see it blocked. Street sweeping doesn’t always fix it. Removed rain blockers in sewers on Argyle in front of Joy’s home. Curbs are at the lowest point there. Rain blockers are designed to prevent basement flooding. Will see how this works after next rain.


Sewer back up in basements coming up a lot. NUNA needs to have fall clean up to get the leaves out of the street. Perhaps tie it into a Halloween party.


  1. Scavenger services/garbage – company picking up garbage at 5:00 am from Lao Sze Chuan. Shouldn’t start until 7:00. City has hard time enforcing this. Driver who picks up garbage from Asian Human Services puts cans all over alley. Cappleman will reach out to these businesses and ask them to talk to their garbage collectors.


  1. Bezazian Wifi. How should NUNA respond to concerns about 24/7 wifi at library. Police officer on seen of shooting in June said that wifi was a draw for problems. Should NUNA send letter about this? This is a nuisance because people hang out and create potential for more crime. Loitering, noise, users become target.


All library branches have 24/7 wifi. Who can turn off wifi? Keep it on only during business hours? Turn it off at a set time?


Positive loitering good. Becoming a target bad. There needs to be control over that. Isn’t this a liability for the library?


Cappleman: I have a meeting set up between CPL, Bezazian staff, 46th, and police in a week or so. We have to find out who has the control over the wifi. If it cannot be turned off, we need to hear other solutions from them instead. Cameras? No loitering signs?

Parking lot is also an issue. Gate does not close. It is broken. Cappleman will bring this up in the meeting as well.


NUNA wrote letter asking for help limiting the wifi. Vote to have letter at block party for residents to sign passed. Give a copy to 46th Ward to bring to the meeting. Send also to city’s department of technology, mayor’s office, police.


  1. James from the 47th ward has heard that the Argyle streetscape will be done by the end of the year.