NUNA General Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2015


Recap of 46th Ward historic preservation district meeting. District focuses primarily entertainment-related buildings only, on Broadway from approximately

Ainslie to Wilson. Some buildings are excluded, including the Buddhist temple. The post office is included. Will provide tax incentives to owners. Owners of affected buildings are supposed to be notified. The historic district is still awaiting approval.


975 West Wilson. New construction is planned, including first floor commercial space and residential space on upper floors. Parking planned for inside building.


There is a property tax assistance workshop planned for October 8, 2015, 1:00 – 5:00 pm at Alderman Cappleman’s 46th ward office.


Denise DeBelle, employment and condominium attorney with office in Bridgeview Bank building at Lawrence and Broadway, introduced herself.


The 47th ward would like suggestions for how to improve the northwest corner of Lawrence and Magnolia. No water access there and shallowly buried wires, so plants or trees are problematic. Suggestion for a sculpture or poured concrete. Noted that a blue police call box has been installed.


Traffic concerns: Suggestion to remove speed bump sign on Magnolia because the speed bump has been removed. Question about why parking is not allowed at Magnolia & Gunnison. Report that study was conducted at Magnolia and Ainslie, demonstrating that many cars do not observe the stop sign there. City added “All Way” sign to standard stop signs there. Suggestion that they also install flashing red lights. NUNA will investigate all these traffic questions and suggestions.



NUNA Elections: The following candidates were nominated:

President: Jackie Denofrio

Vice President: John Vanover

Treasurer: Lindsay Hugé

Co-secretaries: Margot Gordon and Anne Howard


Winter Social: January 24, 2016, was set for the winter social event. Suggested locations were Demera, Konak, 1910 Cantina. Suggested charities to support were McCormick Boys & Girls club, Alternatives.


Member concerns:

Suggestion to ask 46th and 47th ward aldermen to speak at 2016 NUNA meeting.

Several people noticed an increasing rat problem. NUNA will call 46th and 47th wards and encourages residents to call 311.

Kathy Stack noted that the Friends of Bezazian group will be putting out a survey regarding library usage, and asks NUNA residents to fill it out when they receive the link via email.

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