NUNA Block Club Meeting

April 1, 2015

6:00 pm


Attendees: Mark Kaplan, Mitch, Jackie Denofrio, Joe Denofrio, Anne Howard, Megan from Elevate Energy, Al Walawich, Brian and Laura from Axia Law, Kathy Stack, Lisa Hugé, Aaron Allen from videogame bar


Megan: Elevate Energy is an affiliate of the non-profit Center for Neighborhood Technology. Smart electric meters are coming to this neighborhood; some have already been installed. Everyone will get one. ComEd notifies homeowners before they install the smart meter. A smart meter incorporates a computer into the electric meter and is a component of updating to a smart grid update throughout Illinois. The smart meter sends usage data via radio, so there will no longer be meter readers; these employees are transitioning into other jobs. In addition, there will no longer be estimated bills. Customers now have more options for paying for their energy. For example, ComEd and other suppliers have hourly rate programs, where the cost of energy is lower at non-peak times. Elevate Energy helps people navigate those options. Residents can call Elevate for help evaluating the different programs.


Elevate also has a program called Energy Impact Illinois. This helps homeowners connect with contractors to estimate and complete energy-efficient projects, and to apply for rebates for these projects.


The Spring Clean Up will be April 25 at 9:00 am. Meet at 4927 N. Magnolia for snacks and an area assignment. Bring garden gloves and tools to use in sprucing up the neighborhood. We will be collecting the following, which must be dropped off by noon: books, CDs and DVDs; bicycles, sewing machines and crutches; household electronics (anything with plug). NUNA will post flyers and encourages participation from residents on the western edge of the neighborhood.


Friends Of Bezazian: Lindsay Hugé has been going to library board meetings. We are soliciting suggestions for improvements to be made to Bezazian. Bezazian is well-utilized but undervalued. There has not been a lot of investment in the facility, and even regular maintenance is complicated. We want to have a prioritized list by 6/3/15. Send suggestions to lchuge@aol.com.


Treasurer’s report: Our balance as of 3/1 was $814.29.


NUNA status as a non-profit had lapsed but is now officially reinstated with the state.


Videogame bar at 4830 N. Broadway: Aaron Allen is proposing to open a videogame bar in the old Annoyance Theater space. He lives in this neighborhood and has around twenty years of experience in bar management. The business will have a full bar, with a craft beer focus, in the front, and a room with arcade games in the back. It will not have food, or outside seating initially, and will be a 21-and-over establishment. The games will be PacMan style and will be free to play.


Aaron stresses that he wants to be a good neighbor. There will be no DJ or live music, and if the games are too loud, perhaps they can be moved. He does not anticipate large, loud crowds. He is considering opening hours of 5:00 pm – 2:00 am (3:00 am on Saturdays). At first, dogs will not be allowed, but this may change. He hopes to have the business open this summer. They are trying to arrange another meeting with neighbors through Alderman Cappleman’s office.

Annoyance theater building: want to be resonsibile neighbor. Can move machines if sound bother neighbors. Owner lives a few blocks away. Beer/videogame biz. 4830 N broadway. Willing to work on hours of operations, not crazy crowds.


Bezazian Update: There has been a problem lately with people sitting in front of the library after hours and drinking/leaving empty bottles. If you notice this, call the police and ask them to drive by.


Please join Bezazian’s mailing list if you have not already. Upcoming programs include continuation of the rock docs movie series, and of the showing of 2015 Academy Award winners. The April showing is Whiplash, on April 25. Other events this month include a business branding program on the 25th and events during Money Smart week.






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