North Uptown Neighbors Association (NUNA)

Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2014


Jackie Denofrio, Lindsay Huge, Lisa Huge, Margot Gordon, Joseph Denofrio, Michio Iwao, Sean Sheridan, Roger Ford, Mathew Olson (WFCW (Winona Foster Carmen Winnemac Block Club))

Next meeting:

Future meetings planned to precede CAPs meetings the first Wednesday of every other month; the 2015 meeting dates will be: February 4, April 1, June 3, August 5, October 7 and December 2.

I.      Announcements

NUNA board members have been attending the larger Chicago Library Board meetings each month to show support for the Bezazian Branch Library.




There was a meeting to address Flat’s proposed renovation of the vacant firehouse on Ainslie. NUNA has not received any objections and none were raised at the meeting.


The aldermen received notice of an application for special use for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary at 5001-5003 N. Clark Street, as one of 13 such facilities proposed for Chicago as part of a four-year pilot program. Please see attached information regarding the dispensary received from the alderman and provide any feedback regarding this proposal to nunablockclub@gmail.com by Jan 5, 2015 (all feedback will be forwarded directly to the Alderman’s Office).


A representative from WFCW attended the meeting to discuss the dispensary application within NUNA’s boundary. The WFCW representative indicated opposition to the use of the former Piehole space for a dispensary.


(See the 47th Ward Dispensary Letter here.)




The WFCW representative also proposed a change to the NUNA boundary, which would allow WFCW to serve as the neighborhood group for the entire building at the northeast corner of Clark and Argyle. Currently, NUNA is the neighborhood group for the space previously occupied by the Piehole restaurant, as it wraps around onto Argyle. NUNA agreed to send notice of WFCW’s proposed boundary change to its membership for any comment or concern upon receipt of the WFCW meeting minutes on this issue.

II.     Votes

NUNA voted to defer the holiday party until sometime after the New Year and approved the use of $200 from the budget for this purpose.

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