Glenwood protected bike lane

From the 47th ward alderman’s office:

CDOT proposes to extend the Glenwood Neighborhood Greenway south of Foster to provide a connection over to Broadway; please see the attached document for more details (Glenwood Neighborhood Greenway Proposal.)  On Glenwood north of Foster (up to Ridge), a contraflow bike lane will be marked off to allow cyclists to head southbound in a dedicated contraflow bike lane that is separate from traffic.  This is planned to eventually extend up to Evanston.  CDOT is proposing to extend this route along Glenwood south of Foster (through the 47th Ward) to connect along Carmen over to the existing buffer protected bike lanes on Broadway.  With Glenwood and Carmen both being two-way streets, this would simply mean shared lane markings and signage would be added between Foster and Broadway… no dedicated lanes would be marked and no parking spaces would be lost.  This will help provide a neighborhood connector to link up with the greenway north of Foster and the protected lanes on Broadway while simultaneously calming vehicular traffic through the neighborhood.  At Broadway, CDOT is looking to install a bicycle and pedestrian refuge island in the middle to provide a safe spot for cyclists to make this turn (and for pedestrians to cross Broadway).

Contact the 47th ward with questions.